Blog 20

Six Flags New Orleans was an amusement park in New Orleans East. It was open for almost 3 years, but in August 2005 the park was hit by Hurricane Katrina. Hurricane Katrina was a Category 3 storm that damaged cities along the Gulf Coast, including New Orleans. The storm left thousands of people homeless and many people dead. Six Flags was about to announcement their addition of a water park, but the storm forced the park to close for several months due to flooding. Once the flood waters dried up, many of the rides were ruined due to salt water erosion. Only a limited amount of rides could be saved and the company decided that this particular park was ruined. Six Flags was able to get out of their 75-year lease with the city of New Orleans by claiming the amusement park was a lost cause. There are still parts of New Orleans that have not been rebuilt and Six Flags New Orleans is one of those areas. During the 11 years that have passed, wildlife has taken over. Many snakes


Due to the location of Six Flags New Orleans, not much traffic passed through because the area was known for it’s crime rather than tourism according to Lisa Fritscher. The past owners, Jazzland, nearly went into bankruptcy due to lack of marketing funds and they also never received much of a profit. If we were to revive this amusement park by investing more money, we are taking the chance of losing that and going into debt. An amusement park may not be what the area needs at this time. Maybe a school would be more beneficial to the surrounding community. By bringing a school into the area, you are attracting families who could rebuild the houses.  Although, more money would have to be invested into the project to demolish what was left of the amusement park because there are still many rides left behind. Also, the area was never quite rebuilt after the storm. This brings up the question of who would spend the money to rebuild neighborhoods and what kind of families would you want to attract to the area? Before Hurricane Katrina hit, this was a low income area and many of the locals did not have transportation to move around the city, which made it hard on Six Flags New Orleans to turn a profit.


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