Blog 19

In 2000, a theme park called Jazzland opened in New Orleans East, right off Interstate 510 Exchange. During that time, New Orleans was a place where transportation did not come easy, according to Lisa Fritscher in her article “Abandoned: The Heartbreaking True Story of Six Flags New Orleans.” Jazzland face a lot of problems which included their location and rumored lack of funds. After two years of being open, Jazzland sold their theme park to Six Flags New Orleans, who was required to sign a 75-year lease with the city. The company decided to wait until 2003 to officially change the name of the amusement park and to add new rides. According to Fritscher, Six Flags New Orleans planned on incorporating a water park, but the announcement and plans were put on hold due to Hurricane Katrina in August 2005.

Hurricane Katrina was a Category 3 storm with damaging winds up to 140 miles per hour that hit the Gulf Coast on August 29, 2005. This storm brought many risks to Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana, and caused thousands of people to lose their homes. New Orleans, being six feet below sea level, was at a greater risk which led to a mandatory evacuation order from Mayor Ray Nagin. Across the South, the storm killed approximately 2,000 people, many of which have family that are still trying to put their life back together after this horrific storm. The staff of have an article titled “Hurricane Katrina” where this information is located.


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