Blog 16

Write a journal entry from the POV of your place or object.

Over ten years ago, I was abandoned. I enjoyed my life of making little children and families happy, but that all came crashing down in August of 2005. Just like normal, I closed for the week. Little did I know that I would never actually open again. I would be left to drown under water for weeks after I was hurt by heavy winds and drenched in torrential rain. My body began aching as the salt water eroded my bones and my mind began to long for the sound of laughter again. Every day, I see the mess lying around me and weeds peaking through the concrete. I have new friends that crawl up my body and friends that swim in the water that surrounds me. There are no people here because I am just a reminder of what all they lost during that horrific storm. People don’t know that I am hurting too.

Celebrity is willing to fund your improvement or project. They one want one paragraph from you explaining why they should pick you.

Six Flags New Orleans’ current state is a reminder of all the lives lost during Hurricane Katrina. When the amusement park was open, it gave families in the area something positive to do and also brought more tourism to New Orleans. I want to revive this theme park because I want to give the community something to look forward to and to take away the painful memory they drive past every day. If you help me with this cause, you will be able to brighten the locals’ future and even provide them with new job opportunities as they still work to rebuild their own lives.


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