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How long does my document have to be?

Document: 8-10 page double spaced, does not count works cited.


Name, date, teacher, course # must be present on first page of document.

Title: can be boring.

1-1.5 Pages of Introduction:

  1. Start with normal story, quote, or example.
  2. Typical introduction from high school.
  3. Define the terms we use.
  4. Background paragraph (Where most plagiarism occurs, make sure to cite all facts and numbers. Even if you put it in your own words, you have to put a citation at the end and introduce your author.) *DO NOT MAKE THIS TOO LONG – If it’s about 5 pages long in introduction/background, your purpose has CHANGED.


  1. Explain your methods. (Tell about research you did, where you visited, ect.)
    • Examples from your readings. (Look for patterns in your reading, what keeps coming up?)
  2. FIRST HALF OF BODY: Local exploration, examples of your topic.
  3. SECOND HALF OF BODY: Why it matters to the world/connect this to our other themes, how are you making the world better with your idea?  (this where past sources can be brought in… like Green book.)
  4. Addressing the Opposition: costs, ethical issues, length of time… What are the ways your proposal to change something might NOT work? What would the skeptics say?


  1. Summarize the reasons FOR your project. This is a way to respond to the opposition.
  2. More research still needs to be done. (Admit this is only the beginning, the limitations.. Don’t insult yourself.)
  3. Gesture to the future/mention how your idea is SUSTAINABLE for future generations.

The student discusses how glass can be seen as a “status symbol.” The student gives examples of architecture throughout AUM’s campus, while giving the positives and negatives of the structures. The student also gave examples from history and other structures around the world, while connecting them to their topic. This student made their argument strong by giving real life examples for the readers to relate to. A weakness from this project would be the amount of history given because it caused me to forget the topic of this project. The technique that I liked the most was the scenario in the introductory paragraph. I feel like I could do something like that in my project to easier relate my topic to the audience.



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