Blog 14.5

What genre is the writing (or type)?


Your research paper: PERSUADES

What you want to do to your landmark/place, why does it matter, how to improve.

You have to PERSUADE people to do something.

Your sources should be there to offer unique perspectives on the problem, not to provide data dumps.

I do support a smoke-free campus because it provides a healthier environment. Secondhand smoke is almost as dangerous as putting the cigarette in your mouth. Smoke travels easily and people are not always willing to travel to the designated area to smoke, which is why the campus should just do away with smoking in general.

Sabrina Knight: I support it because people live ON campus now, and if you have health issues, this is hard to avoid. These are not our own home. You have to be considerate of other living around you.

Dre McCall: A full ban isn’t necessary. People should make their own choices ultimately, and they should have their own small space to smoke. What about people who are trying to quit slowly? Not everyone has a car so they can leave to do it off campus.

Zane Blume-Babcock: Smoke can add to stress that you already feel with a lot of work in your classes. It might cause people to relieve stress in damaging ways. They might take up a new habit if they see it happening all around.

Asia James: People are still doing it, so why try to enforce it?

Dear Brooke Watts,

Today in class we discussed the issue of smoking on campus and whether we support it or not. Sabrina Knight and Zane Blume-Babcock supported a smoke-free campus because of health issues and the risk of people picking up smoking if it was allowed on campus. Dre McCall and Asia James were for smoking on campus because people should be allowed to make their own decisions and they are smoking on campus anyway.

In my opinion, smoking should not be allowed because of the dangers involved with secondhand smoke. I also do not believe that if there were designated areas that people would only smoke there. I feel like people would abuse this, which is why smoking on campus should not be allowed.




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