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How long does my document have to be?

Document: 8-10 page double spaced, does not count works cited.


Name, date, teacher, course # must be present on first page of document.

Title: can be boring.

1-1.5 Pages of Introduction:

  1. Start with normal story, quote, or example.
  2. Typical introduction from high school.
  3. Define the terms we use.
  4. Background paragraph (Where most plagiarism occurs, make sure to cite all facts and numbers. Even if you put it in your own words, you have to put a citation at the end and introduce your author.) *DO NOT MAKE THIS TOO LONG – If it’s about 5 pages long in introduction/background, your purpose has CHANGED.


  1. Explain your methods. (Tell about research you did, where you visited, ect.)
    • Examples from your readings. (Look for patterns in your reading, what keeps coming up?)
  2. FIRST HALF OF BODY: Local exploration, examples of your topic.
  3. SECOND HALF OF BODY: Why it matters to the world/connect this to our other themes, how are you making the world better with your idea?  (this where past sources can be brought in… like Green book.)
  4. Addressing the Opposition: costs, ethical issues, length of time… What are the ways your proposal to change something might NOT work? What would the skeptics say?


  1. Summarize the reasons FOR your project. This is a way to respond to the opposition.
  2. More research still needs to be done. (Admit this is only the beginning, the limitations.. Don’t insult yourself.)
  3. Gesture to the future/mention how your idea is SUSTAINABLE for future generations.

The student discusses how glass can be seen as a “status symbol.” The student gives examples of architecture throughout AUM’s campus, while giving the positives and negatives of the structures. The student also gave examples from history and other structures around the world, while connecting them to their topic. This student made their argument strong by giving real life examples for the readers to relate to. A weakness from this project would be the amount of history given because it caused me to forget the topic of this project. The technique that I liked the most was the scenario in the introductory paragraph. I feel like I could do something like that in my project to easier relate my topic to the audience.



Blog 14.5

What genre is the writing (or type)?


Your research paper: PERSUADES

What you want to do to your landmark/place, why does it matter, how to improve.

You have to PERSUADE people to do something.

Your sources should be there to offer unique perspectives on the problem, not to provide data dumps.

I do support a smoke-free campus because it provides a healthier environment. Secondhand smoke is almost as dangerous as putting the cigarette in your mouth. Smoke travels easily and people are not always willing to travel to the designated area to smoke, which is why the campus should just do away with smoking in general.

Sabrina Knight: I support it because people live ON campus now, and if you have health issues, this is hard to avoid. These are not our own home. You have to be considerate of other living around you.

Dre McCall: A full ban isn’t necessary. People should make their own choices ultimately, and they should have their own small space to smoke. What about people who are trying to quit slowly? Not everyone has a car so they can leave to do it off campus.

Zane Blume-Babcock: Smoke can add to stress that you already feel with a lot of work in your classes. It might cause people to relieve stress in damaging ways. They might take up a new habit if they see it happening all around.

Asia James: People are still doing it, so why try to enforce it?

Dear Brooke Watts,

Today in class we discussed the issue of smoking on campus and whether we support it or not. Sabrina Knight and Zane Blume-Babcock supported a smoke-free campus because of health issues and the risk of people picking up smoking if it was allowed on campus. Dre McCall and Asia James were for smoking on campus because people should be allowed to make their own decisions and they are smoking on campus anyway.

In my opinion, smoking should not be allowed because of the dangers involved with secondhand smoke. I also do not believe that if there were designated areas that people would only smoke there. I feel like people would abuse this, which is why smoking on campus should not be allowed.



Blog 14

Salamat Ullah Bhuiyan, S, and Shanta Banik. “Amusement Marketing: A Few Dimensions of Amusement Parks.” International Journal of Business Insights & Transformation, vol. 7, no. 1, 1 Oct. 2013, pp. 36–41. EBSCOhost, Accessed 20 Mar. 2017.

This article explains how amusement parks can be marketed. It covers the things an amusement park should provide to visitors and what makes a park successful. This article provides tips on how to build a successful amusement park. It also lists success factors while explaining how to incorporate each one into the park. This article does not give examples of amusement parks, which would allow the reader to visualize the topics. I plan to connect this to my project by taking a few examples and using it to propose a way to rebuild the Six Flags New Orleans.

Fristcher, Lisa. “Abandoned: The Heartbreaking True Story of Six Flags New Orleans.” Theme Park Tourist, 24 Apr. 2015, Accessed 6 Mar. 2017.

This article discusses the abandonment of Six Flags New Orleans. This article also discussed the history of other structures in the area while providing pictures. This article gives a great history of what was on the land leading up to Six Flags purchasing it. I plan to connect this to my project by using some of the information to provide a better understanding of the area and the amusement park.

Nadler, Lonnie. “We Visit The Abandoned Six Flags In New Orleans.” The Huffington Post,, 28 June 2016, Accessed 6 Mar. 2017.

This article discusses talks about the effects Hurricane Katrina had on the amusement park. It talks about how the painful memories still remain due to abandoned structures like Six Flags New Orleans. The journalists who wrote this piece does a great job quoting people on how this abandoned structure can negatively impact the community. I plan to connect this to my project by showcasing the impact this has on the community.

Cunningham, Jade. “Future of Former Six Flags Site Still Unclear.” WWL, 16 Mar. 2017, Accessed 25 Mar. 2017.

This article discusses the delay the city is putting on selling the property. It is a very recent article that isn’t two weeks old. It gives the locals opinion on how positive the amusement park was to the community when it was open. I plan on connecting this to my project by using the locals’  quotes on how the park gave the children something to do.

Souther, J. Mark. “Making the ‘Birthplace of Jazz’: Tourism and Musical Heritage Marketing in New Orleans.” Louisiana History: The Journal of the Louisiana Historical Association, vol. 44, 2003, pp. 39–73. JSTOR, Accessed 25 Mar. 2017.
This journal gives the history of New Orleans and how it came to be. This article will give background on the tourism and culture in New Orleans. I plan to connect this to my project by using the heritage of the community as a reason why the amusement park should be revived.
Van Oest, Rutger D, et al. “Return on Roller Coasters: A Model to Guide Investments in Theme Park Attractions.” Marketing Science, vol. 29, 1 July 2010, pp. 721–737. Business Source Premier, Accessed 25 Mar. 2017.
This article is about giving information on investing in amusement parks. This article will allow me to have a better understanding on what it takes to purchase and build a theme park. I plan to connect this to my project by being able to understand the budgeting aspect of owning a theme park.


Blog 13.7

Reading Scholarly Articles

“Rhetorical Numbers: A Case for Quantitative Writing in the Composition Classroom”

Rhetoric: art of persuasion, persuading somebody

Quantitative: evidence based on numbers

This article would have been found in JSTOR. Now articles are often shared online.

  1. Study the title.
  2. Always read the abstract, but pay close attention to final sentences.
  3. Always read the intro paragraphs (usually 1-2 pages).
  4. Make a text to self connection. *Think of an example in every day life that relates to article. If you cannot find an example, get rid of the article.
  5. Skim the body paragraph for examples that make sense to you.
  6. Read the conclusion. FIND the MLA info for this piece.

Summary of Scholarly Article relating to research topic:

“Amusement Marketing: A Few Dimensions of Amusement Parks”

Amusement marketing is used to bring tourism to an area. Amusement parks entertain individuals of all ages. A park could have a various amount of themes throughout that can appeal to different age groups. For an amusement park to be successful it must have the following: safety, uniqueness, an escape from reality, trained and motivated staff, ect. Parks generally bring in a good amount of revenue, which may impact the local economy.

Blog 13.5

3 Strengths:

  1. Detailed background in the introduction.
  2. Explained the significance of the building/school to him; showing the importance and impact it had
  3. In his search plan, he listed a variety of sources he could use.

3 Weaknesses:

  1. Citation in review of literature doesn’t name the author.
  2. Little information on the building’s “poor state” in the introduction.
  3. Timeline was not specific with how much time he would spend on research.

We would give this proposal an B+.

Blog 13

Introduction: How can an abandoned building or park affect the community around it? What were the causes of this building or park being abandoned? Did this structure bring positives or negatives to the community? There are plenty of abandoned structures or parks around the world, the question is: How can we fix them? We need to find a way to bring life back into these places. Six Flags New Orleans was abandoned after Hurricane Katrina . The park was flooded due to being located in a low-lying part of New Orleans. The salt-water began to erode the metal structures, making them nearly impossible to revive. After pushing dates of reopening back, the company officially announced that they would not be  rebuilding the park due to the expenses. Many companies have proposed rebuilding the once Six Flags New Orleans to a new, better theme park, but each company has backed out.

Research Question(s): Why are companies abandoning this old theme park? What can we do to revive this theme park for the New Orleans community?

Review of Literature: Six Flags New Orleans was once a theme park called “Jazzland.” I have viewed many articles discussing the shape of the theme park today and how destroyed and “erie” it really is. Lonnie Nadler, writer for The Huffington Post, described the  scene, “The park remains in a state of decay, still flooded, and empty, a sign of the plight of the New Orleans People.” Basically stating that the park is still a reminder of the trying times the locals had after Katrina hit. Nadler continued to call out New Orleans for rebuilding the downtown area, but forgetting about the outskirts of New Orleans. Lisa Fristcher, writer for Theme Park Tourist, did an article about Six Flags New Orleans and even explored the history of the community. Fristcher also compared the abandoned theme park to Pripyat amusement park in Ukraine.

Search Plan: My plan is to search the internet for articles relating to Hurricane Katrina and the damage the storm caused. I hope to find articles that talk about the impact and daily reminders the theme park has or had on locals. Hurricane Katrina was a storm remembered all over the United States, especially to the people of Louisiana. I also have a friend who lived in Louisiana during the storm. I could talk to her about how the storm effected her family and whether she visited the park.

Project Timeline: During the week of March 13-17, I have spring break. During this time, I will be able to further my research due to free time from school. Once I return to school March 20, I will have sources to use for my bibliography that is due April 3rd. Based on the amount of research I will have completed, an outline should be easily completed by April 10th. A completed draft of the project will be completed on April 17th, which will allow time for peers to review my work. My project will be completed on April 24th.

Key Challenges: The challenges I will face most will be finding scholarly sources on my topic. It would also be difficult to give an accurate price for reviving this theme park. Since I am from Alabama and have never visited the New Orleans area, it will be difficult to truly understand the problems associated with this area.