Blog 7

While reading from the “Green” book, I was able learn new things that I had not known before. I did not know about the true effects of pesticides or the huge controversy behind them. While growing up, I did not ever stress over what I was eating and neither did my parents. In today’s society, you see so many people eating “organic” foods in hopes to live a healthier lifestyle, but is it more healthy? I honestly have never gotten sick over something that I have consumed that people deem unhealthy due to it being a processed food. The fruit I eat and have eaten in the past has never hurt me to my knowledge. Yes, I know I have to rinse it off if I eat the peel, but does simply rinsing it get rid of what’s supposedly harmful like a pesticide? I feel like we, as human beings, are doing more harm to the environment than a pesticide. We are killing animals’ habitats to build bigger cities and destroying the air around us by removing trees and building more factories. I think there are bigger issues out there that are more important to stop. At least these farmers that still use pesticides are doing something productive with nature besides laying concrete over it and destroying it.


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