Blog 5

During high school, I was only taught in one session with our librarian on how to do a research paper. We were not given a ton of information on how databases worked, or even what a database was. My biggest frustration with the process was that I was, still am in a way, completely clueless on the proper way to do a research paper. I had to complete one research paper during high school, and the teacher did not even grade it seriously. Only three students out of the whole class completed the assignment, including me, and were “rewarded” with a 100 as a test grade. The only useful information I have been given on how to use a database was during UNIV my first semester. My UNIV class had to take sit through a session showing us how Aumnicat worked, which does help tremendously. We were only given some basic instruction, but at least I have an idea on how to work a database now.

Some questions that I have about how to do research for a paper:

What is the best way to search about a topic?

How can I get the best results?

What are the best databases to use for research?

What is the best way to use a Boolean operator?

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