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The Stanley Hotel room 217 is haunted by a woman, Mrs. Wilson, who has a love order. This hotel haunting was what inspired The Shining by Stephen King. Most likely if you go you will hear creepy sounds or children laughing and a dog barking. The best way to lure the woman of 217 is to mess up your room because she loves to tidy things up. This would be a good family trip because it will memorable.

The Scary Stanley/ The Colorado hotel that inspired Stephen King to write ‘The Shining’ features rooms where ghosts are said to wander

A Killer Vacation.


Blog 5

During high school, I was only taught in one session with our librarian on how to do a research paper. We were not given a ton of information on how databases worked, or even what a database was. My biggest frustration with the process was that I was, still am in a way, completely clueless on the proper way to do a research paper. I had to complete one research paper during high school, and the teacher did not even grade it seriously. Only three students out of the whole class completed the assignment, including me, and were “rewarded” with a 100 as a test grade. The only useful information I have been given on how to use a database was during UNIV my first semester. My UNIV class had to take sit through a session showing us how Aumnicat worked, which does help tremendously. We were only given some basic instruction, but at least I have an idea on how to work a database now.

Some questions that I have about how to do research for a paper:

What is the best way to search about a topic?

How can I get the best results?

What are the best databases to use for research?

What is the best way to use a Boolean operator?

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Blog 4

“One Tree Hill FAQ Sheet”

        Wilmington and Beaches,            notable/one-tree-hill-info-sheet/ . Accessed 24 Jan. 17.

Katie “One Tree Hill Film Locations Tour”

A Touch of Teal, 4 Aug. 14 . Accessed 24 Jan. 17.

“Welcome to Camellia Cottage”

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EBSCO Discovery Database

Find three or four options for your search.

Use quotation marks to narrow searches and use full text.

Use scholarly sources IF available


Blog 3

Dear One Tree Hill Fans,

My name is Brooke Smith, the president of your very own One Tree Hill fan club! I know each of you must be binge watching our favorite show on Netflix and wondering why on Earth I am emailing you. Well, today I am announcing an opportunity each of you have been waiting for since the very first season.  You guessed it! A tour of Wilmington, North Carolina, where our beloved One Tree Hill was filmed! Isn’t this exciting?

I know you probably have a few questions like:

  1. How much will this cost me?
    1. What food is included in the trip?
  2. How long will the trip be?
    1. Where will we be leaving from and when?
  3. Will we see any celebrities?
  4. What all sites will see during the tours?

All your questions will be answered within this email and I will also attach an agenda that explain when and what we will be doing during the trip.

First off, we will be taking a three-day, two-night trip. We will be leaving from Atlanta, Georgia at 6:30 in the morning on June 23rd, 2017. This will be on a Friday and we will leave Sunday afternoon at 5. This will allow almost three full days of exploring.

How much will the trip cost? Our trip will include a nice bed and breakfast inn, 3 meals each day and your transportation to the scheduled site visits. All of this will cost you a small amount of $500. This will cover everything you need besides souvenirs and extra snacks.

Will we see any of our favorite celebrities? We know that One Tree Hill is over, but I have gotten word that many of them like to visit during the tourist seasons. Maybe we will be lucky enough to meet some of them!

During the tour, we will be visiting each house that the stars “lived” in and also the school, just to name a few. We will also visit the basketball court by the river that Lucas and Nathan Scott visited often. You may even be able to get a game in!!

I look forward to meeting each of you. I know we will all get along just because of our love of the show! Please RSVP to the trip on our website by April 21, 2017. Thank you all for reminding me of why I started this group each day!

Yours truly,

Brooke Smith

Brooke Smith





“One Tree Hill FAQ Sheet” written on Wilmington and Beaches’ website.

This site will also help answer some of your questions on what to expect while visiting.

“One Tree Hill Filming Locations Tour” by Katie.

This is a blog written by a fan, which will show you what to look forward to seeing.

“How to tour the ‘One Tree Hill’ studio in Wilmington, NC” by Christine

This website will give a run-down of the studio where our favorite show was filmed.





Friday, June 23

  • We will leave from Atlanta, Georgia at 6:30 in the morning.
  • We will arrive in Wilmington around 11 am.
  • We will check into our B&B and freshen up.
  • We will then eat lunch.
  • We will start our tour by walking around the town.

Saturday, June 24

  • We will eat breakfast at 8 am.
  • We will get on a bus after to start our professional tour.
  • We will then eat lunch at 12 at a local diner.
  • We will finish the tour around 6 pm.
  • We will eat dinner at our B&B at 7 pm.
  • You have free-time to explore.

Sunday, June 25

  • Wake up and have breakfast at 8 am.
  • Free-time to do individual tours until 4 pm (money given for lunch wherever you want).
  • Arrive at B&B to pack.
  • Start loading up at 4:30.
  • Leave Wilmington at 5 pm.

Blog 2

One Tree Hill, which is a popular TV show among millennials, was filmed in Wilmington, North Carolina.

This town is on a bucket list for nearly every female between the ages of fifteen to forty.

Who wouldn’t want to walk on the street where Lucas and Nathan Scott walked?

This town has been familiar with production crews since 1983, with over 400 productions that had been filmed there. Locals began referring to the town as “Wilmywood.”

According to Sabrina Knight, a small town in Georgia named Covington, is referred to as “The Hollywood of the South.” People also refer to Wilmington, North Carolina a small Hollywood, as well.

Although the town is mainly known for One Tree Hill, there are many other attractions, like gorgeous beaches, that attract tourists. Filming can get in the way of seeing the natural beauties, like large trucks blocking paths for filming purposes.

Many crew members even decided to call Wilmington home, which makes it hard to walk around without running into someone involved in the business.

While filming the show, it is said that Chad Michael Murray (Lucus Scott) helped start a football team for ages 11-15. While filming TV shows or movies, many of the stars typically eat at local restaurants every day, which helps the local economy.

The production business has also brought jobs to the community.Locals decided to give the production business a try and started working with the crews.

The filming business has brought tons of money to Wilmington by bringing tourists and crew members. I believe that it positively effected the community.

Zane Blume-Babcock wrote his blog on The Lord of the Rings and how tourism jumped over 50% after the first release in New Zealand. This led to the boost in New Zealand’s economy, which is a lot like Wilmington after One Tree Hill.

If locals have an issue with it, they should be used to it by now considering the business has been there for over 30 years.

Blog 1.5

What was that water thing all about?


  • Research is based on questions.
  • Before making a thesis, you must have a question to ask.
  • It is okay to have a hypothesis (early guess).


Which sources to trust?

  • Look for author info FIRST – who wrote it?
  • Are they experts?
  • Check “about us” info at top or bottom of site.
  • Look up source on wikipedia to confirm.
  • Follow the Trail – look for where the website got their info from, what research did they do? If siting other sources, check those as well.
  • Think about where you are sharing the information. (Facebook or Research paper?

Using Sources

  • For NOW – when you include info from a source, do this:

Step 1: Introduce quote

According to [name of author], the location is “…”

Step 2: insert quote

Adjust font to match rest of paper, check periods

Step 3: Put source in a works cited page at end of doc.

Class 1.18.17

Writing research papers is like a conversation. Sometimes we agree with people and sometimes we don’t. We do not have to agree with what we put down.

We may agree with sources, but we also may think differently from them.

If you do your research, it shows you have respect for other perspectives.

Introduce people fully by first and last name.

You can use summaries AND quotations.

Blog 1


Edward Wilson said, “The hideaways bond us with place, and they nourish our individuality and self-esteem.” (Wilson, 17)

This talks about how we bond together by exploring.

Pretty close to Montgomery, Alabama in Prattville is a place called the water hole. The water hole is actually behind an apartment complex that is close to the interstate. Many teenagers choose to visit this place even though it is private property and off-limits.

The water hole, from my understanding, is basically a sink hole which has filled with water. It is popular among kids who love an adrenaline rush by jumping off rocks and trespassing.

A certain song we listened to growing up called “This Land is Your Land” by Woody Guthrie talks about exploring somewhere off-limits.

In stanza five, it states, “As I went walking I saw a sign there

And on the sign it said “No Trespassing”

But on the other side it didn’t say nothing,”

It continues, “That side was made for you and me.” (5)

This discusses a child’s need to explore the unknown, even a place off-limits.
The water hole resembles Chimney Rock at Lake Martin, minus the huge rocks and crowded body of water. The water hole might have rocks as high as Chicken Rock, but the water is still nowhere near as crowded or rough. The water is calm because it is a small pool of water.

I visited the water hole once, and I will never go back. I am not one who likes breaking rules. The one time I went, someone threatened to call the cops, which lead to us running back to our cars in the pouring rain.

I am also not a big fan of unfamiliar water and swimming or walking through it, and that was the only way to get out. There are snakes and other creatures that I just am not a fan of. You also have to climb a steep hill to get back to the top, which adds to the adrenaline rush you receive when you are at the water hole.

There are many reasons why I will never go back to the water hole, such as, the snakes and climbing steep hills. Being 19 and knowing the consequences of trespassing also make the water hole a huge NO from me.